What would your most courageous self do?

Recently, I’ve been stuck in a bit of indecision around a couple of opportunities I have in front of me. The proverbial ‘fork in the road’.

Now, I know all the strategies to break through indecision but the truth is, I haven’t been that willing to move off of my current comfort zone and commit to a direction on this situation. So I’ve been fence sitting…until I’m willing to get off.

But yesterday was May 1st. May Day.

And, it was the 40th anniversary of my dad’s death.

You see, my dad enlisted in the Army during the Vietnam conflict because his longest and dearest friend was drafted. My dad was very loyal to Doug and refused to let Doug go to Vietnam alone. So, he dropped out of college and enlisted. He and Doug went of to basic training together. Shortly afterward, my mother discovered she was pregnant with me.

My dad was killed on May 1st 1968 (10 weeks before my birth) while trying to rescue his commanding officer who had been shot. Every day I sit here in my office flanked by his bronze start medal and purple heart which hang on the wall right next to me–both received for his courageous action.

And so yesterday, I sat here looking up at those medals and asked myself: What would my most courageous self do?

Courage is an important thing to me. I don’t like to do things the easy way or even the safe way. I like to do things “MY WAY”…just as I suspect my father did.

But lately, I’ve been playing a bit small and safe. And tapping into my wiser, more courageous self helped me rethink the opportunities before me. And I know what path that will lead me to.

So, I leave you with that question if you’re stuck in indecision. What would your wisest, most courageous self do?

And that may be where you’ll find the answer you’ve been looking for.

(p.s., this is the first time I’ve ever shared this personal story about my dad in such a public way….so I thank you for listening :))

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