What do you uniquely do?

What do you uniquely do?

It’s a big question and one that isn’t always easily answered.

But it’s important to understand, especially at a time when it seems like there are so many other businesses offering exactly what you offer.  In fact, it seems like not a week goes by where a client or colleague doesn’t say something like “every idea I have feels like a hundred other people are doing it already.” Heck, I end up hearing myself say it pretty consistently too.  And it’s frustrating.

So how do you distinguish yourself and your work in an overcrowded market?

Here are three ways to approach getting to that answer:

  1. Who are you to those closest to you? What do people automatically seek you out for?

Think about what people in your life naturally come to you for.  What is the situation or time when YOU are the first person people think of reaching out to?

In my life, people come to me for clarity.  I can remember way back to my teen years when I was the friend people leaned on when things were hard, confusing or they didn’t know what to do. If another friend was being distant, or there was something they didn’t want to tell their parents, or whatever…I’d listen and help them sort out their options, and figure out what to do next.  And it’s still like that today.  Just this week a former client reached out because she was seeking clarity about where to go next with her business and I was the first person she thought of to help her get there.  Clarity is at the heart of what I uniquely do.

So what is at the heart of what you do?

Do people seek you out for creative ideas?  For inspiration?  More motivation?  For that kick in the pants?  For a good belly laugh and re-frame on their issues?  It could be ANYTHING…but I guarantee you there’s something you do that stands out and that people seek you out for.  THIS is a key piece of what differentiates you and your work from the hundreds of others.

  1. How is your approach even slightly different from others doing what you do?

When you’re really good at what you do, it’s because you’ve worked to develop your skills and abilities. But it also means you’ve probably found some unique ways of approaching providing your services or expertise.  So what is unique about the WAY you serve your clients?

Just because there are so many others out there in your field or industry, it doesn’t mean that they are approaching the work the same way as you.  There’s no way they could be.  And YOUR WAY has an advantage for the right people.  So take the time to distinguish and describe your approach and why it’s different.

  1. What’s unique about the people you work best with?

Sometimes it’s easier to start to differentiate yourself when you can clearly articulate who you naturally attract and who gets the best results from what you do.  No business can be for ‘everyone’.  So who are you for?  Is there a quality or commonality among those you’ve had great results with, even if on the surface they seem like vastly different people?

One of the fastest paths to differentiation is to clearly claim who you serve and stand for because there’s a ready market waiting for you to speak to their specific needs and wants.  And the way to pinpoint that message is to look at those who’ve been among your biggest ‘success’ stories as clients…what unifies them?  When you find this thread, it can differentiate your messaging and positioning in powerful ways.

I challenge you to really explore and embrace what is that you uniquely do in your business.  And if you’re not sure, or can’t quite articulate it, ask for help.  Past clients, friends and those who know you well may be able to help you clarify your ‘signature’ touch.  You don’t have to figure it out on your own.

And if you’re looking for a fast way to get to that kind of clarity, and use it to create momentum in your business, I’d love to help you.  The best place to start is with a Signature Strategy Session. This 75 minute, highly focused, fast-action coaching and consulting session will help you cut through the confusion and creative clutter and come out with a clear differentiation strategy to turn that into results –fast.

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