The Trailblazer’s FIRE Formula ™

Times they are a changing. I’m sure you feel it and see it just like I do. And while shifting environments can be a little scary to navigate, I’m convinced that there is NO better time for Trailblazer’s, Change Makers and Pioneers to step forward. The world needs your vision and creativity. The world is craving your passion and purpose. There is NO better time than right NOW to deliver your unique message and share the gifts and powerful change you are called to bring to the world. You have a much needed message and a mission to share. And it’s time to step out and start leading the way.

But how do you propel your business and mission forward in uncertain times? With the Trailblazer’s FIRE Formula, of course!


As a trailblazer, your business is much more than a money making venture. It’s a personal mission. There is a larger purpose calling you forward and that deserves to be front and center in everything you do. Your own priorities and values must take center stage (not a back seat) as you set forth on the path so you don’t lose yourself and what matters most in the process of making a difference in the lives of others.

The foundation of everything starts with a clear VISION and purpose. In order to move powerfully forward and reach more people, you’ve got to be able to clearly articulate your vision and map out a path to bring it fully into the world. Yet sometimes in the day to day chaos of running to keep up, it’s easy to lose sight of the vision. Or the vision get’s foggy. You may need to clear away the fog to fully step into the greater vision you have for your LIFE and your BUSINESS.


Everything you offer is an extension of the impact you want to create. And as a result, you need a business model that is as distinctive as you are. That requires a dose of innovation. That doesn’t mean you can’t combine tried and true with a little bit of new. But it does mean that your business model needs to reflect the unique path you lead your clients through and be designed to support your lifestyle choices as well. What everyone else is doing most likely won’t work for you. And trying to stay in the ‘right’ lane with everyone else boxes you in.

One of the obstacles that can slow you down is the desire to ‘get things right’. Because that desire leads to looking around at what everyone else is doing (assuming they are doing it right!) and measuring or modeling what you see. But you are a trailblazer. You need the freedom and flexibility to move in the direction YOU want and at a speed that works for YOU. And that means you have to look beyond the tried and true business models and add your unique flair that fits YOU and your mission and life.


Missions are spread by great people, not just great marketing. As a trailblazer you must surround yourself with a stellar support system. Seek guidance and support from other trailblazers who know what it’s like to lead a mission based business and have been willing to do some innovative or unconventional things along the way. Harness the talents of others. Engage and enroll your clients and customers to spread the word. Seek out partners and influencers to help you gain visibility and credibility. Build up your team with people who are as committed to your mission and business as you are. Find and engage evangelists who will help spread the word. A trailblazer knows that going it alone is not an option.


As you grow your business to the next level you’ll need to be both effective and energized. That means you need to create the freedom and flexibility you require—as the leader of your business—to be at your best. Your creativity, your ability to serve at the highest level, your ability to do great work and make great money are all directly related to your energy. If you energy is drained, so will be your creativity, effectiveness and your bank account.

Do more of what energizes you. Eliminate tolerations, drains, and strains. Accept and receive help from others. Set up systems and processes to streamline and simplify things in your life and business so you stay focused on mission critical priorities and plans. You’ll get more done, make better decisions, enjoy your life more and create massive momentum with a healthy reserve of energy fueling you along the path.

2 Responses to The Trailblazer’s FIRE Formula ™

  1. Carol Hess says:

    As usual Shawn, you hit about fifty nails right on the head with this post. I am getting so much value out of your Trailblazer information, and it’s coming at just the perfect time for me as I write my first book and put together my writing business. Thank you for all you do. You are one of my favorite trailblazers. 🙂

  2. Hello, Shawn. Things can be all in place and you think you’re ready to go. Then when you’re asked so tell me about it, while they’re looking through the catalog at a bazaar, I could not believe that at that very moment I froze. I knew not to tell them about the product directly. So I told them about the history of the company briefly. I could see that I impressed them a little because their eyebrows went up and they briefly looked away from the catalog. I was too concerned about what it was they wanted to hear or know. I got the impression it was just a front from them saying they weren’t interested but didn’t feel comfortable just walking away. I don’t know why I sensed that. I think their attitude and the way they were looking through the catalog. It wasn’t sincere. It was more like looking through just to be looking through. The other thing that occurred to me later was that I was struggling with who I was talking with. This person works for a bank in one of the departments. I don’t think she was a manager. However, I wasn’t sure if I was talking to the bank employee or her personally. I don’t think I was fully aware of that at the moment. I became more aware of it later and thought ahhh. That’s what my mind was trying to figure out. I think now I realize she was talking to me from the bank employee not her personally. That’s what I was sensing. Of course, I wouldn’t be selling to the bank employee. I would be collaborating in some way. I think this was a good experience to learn from, but no great loss. I’m sure the bank employee wouldn’t have any need of my product or interest, for that matter. These are the kind of experiences I don’t think any kind of system could have made better, except that maybe I wouldn’t have frozen or felt uneasy.

    Please be aware that my website only operates in the U.S. International readers can google Longaberger and find one nearest them. Thank you for your time in reading this message. Take care. Rosella Young, AA-1 Designs, Invest in yourself

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