This is why it took her 10 years to publish her first novel…

This is for all of you who have ever put your dreams on hold because of bad advice.

In 1998, when my friend Michele PW (who you may know as a copywriter and marketer and has written the Love-Based Copy books) first started her freelance writer business, she was dreaming of having more time to write her fiction books.  But then she got some business advice from a retired freelance writer.

“Go back to your job — freelance writing is too difficult to make a living at. Oh, and don’t tell anyone you’re writing a novel, they won’t take you seriously and they’ll never hire you.”

Well, even though that freelance writer was 100% wrong on everything she said, the part about not telling anyone about the novel stuck. And even though Michele wrote the novel 10 years ago, she never really talked about it, much less actually published it–until now.

I often find that my trailblazing clients had dreams they wanted to accomplish when they started their business.  But for some reason they hesitated and put them on hold.

So, as we get ready to welcome in 2016, I’d love to share two takeaways from Michele’s story:

  1. Be careful of who you listen to. You get to decide who to listen to and who to let into your head.  And you get some mentoring that just isn’t aligned to what you know you want, keep looking for the right mentor who isn’t going to tell you ‘that’ll never work.’  You want to choose a mentor who can help you achieve your dreams.
  1. If you do have a dream or a creative project that in your heart you know you really want to be working on (what Stephen Covey calls the “important but not urgent”) take a moment and just breathe into what’s stopping you. You don’t necessarily need to do anything — just take a moment to see what’s keeping you from working on this project and whether NOW is the time to finally say YES to it.

Want to check out Michele’s novel? It’s called “The Stolen Twin” and it’s a psychological thriller/suspense/mystery. It’s a fun read (I couldn’t figure out the ending!  Love cool endings like this book has!) PrintIt’s available on Amazon both as Kindle and on paperback (plus the paperback is available on other book sites including Barnes and Noble). PLUS from Dec 19-23 you can get the Kindle version for 99 cents! Here’s the link.

Now, go start on YOUR dream project, ok?!

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