Summer Resource: Create a Distinctive Program

Earlier this week I sent out a quick survey to learn more about your priorities over the next 90 days.  One thing I heard loud and clear was that many of you are working on creating a new program or offering to launch later this year.

So I thought I’d share a checklist to help with creating an offering that is uniquely your own and highly valuable to your clients.  It provides the 6 keys to creating a distinctive, in demand program. You can access it here.  (no opt in required)

Having a distinctive program that delivers deep value to your clients is a huge asset to your business.  It gives you a clear edge in the marketplace and attracts the right clients to you.  Plus it’s so rewarding to have a program that you know really represents YOU and your best work.

But it’s not always easy to figure out exactly how to design such an offer.  So I hope that this checklist helps you plan out your program or offer.

And if you haven’t yet completed my quick survey, it’s still open.  Go here now and tell me what you’re working on!  I’d love to share more resources and tips to support you in getting great results.

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