Stories of Success and Achievement from Shawn’s Clients and Program Participants!
This woman ELECTRIFIES me!

When I have conversations about my business with Shawn Driscoll, I literally have to get up and swing my arms, dance, jump, maybe even do The Wave. This woman ELECTRIFIES me with her ability to see into the solutions that are right there but I can't see.

Here's what was going on: I was stuck on something. Something B-I-G and C-O-S-T-L-Y. When I talked to mere mortals about my problem, they gave me pat answers and advice I could have gotten from a magazine. That frustrated me and left me feeling hopeless.

Shawn doesn't do anything from rote. She has this X-RAY VISION that sees solutions the rest of us can't see. She sees you, your situation, your business and the cogs in her amazing brain go to work and start connecting dots that I had no idea existed. But the cool part is, when she reflects the solution back to you, it makes perfect sense. PERFECT SENSE!

This very well may be the most kinesthetic endorsement for anyone's work I've ever given, because I'm still leaping and dancing as I try to type this out. She pulled the stuck stuff out of me with a brilliant re frame that has lit my fire.

I love this woman... she knows how to handle big thinkers and visionaries better than anyone I've ever met. Thank you so much Shawn. Your advice means the world to me!! You helped me understand my level of thought leadership in a whole new way and now I'm on track again.

—Nancy Marmolejo
Talent & Genius
"Shawn will help you get to where you have to go, and make the path much easier."

—Amanda Mitchell
Corporate Navigator
Our Corporate Life
Shawn supported me in what I really wanted to do in my business!

Shawn’s support has been invaluable!

She helped me create much more space in my schedule and a feeling of spaciousness in my business … without sacrificing any income (in fact, my income increased!)   She is a genius when it comes to designing your business around your passions and our work together has supported me in finally making the courageous decision to fully pursue what I want most in my business.  She has helped me with all of this with at the perfect combination of strategy, deep wisdom and and truly being able to see me fully.

—Joanna Lindenbaum
Creator of the Sacred Leadership Assessment
“I literally felt the cloud lift and I could think clearly again.”

Shawn is a very unique entrepreneur. She’s creative, strategic, and savvy. But she also thinks in systems and instantly visualizes a way to organize and package all your materials into highly valuable programs and content progressions. After 10 years in business and with over 50 information products, I found myself floundering. Lots of my material overlapped, multiple brands confused potential clients, and I reached a point of no return – I just couldn’t move forward with my business or serve clients in the best possible way.

After spending a VIP day with Shawn, I literally felt the cloud lift and I could think clearly again. I met her at an event a few years earlier, and noticed her right away as someone who could look at someone’s “mess” of a business and bring amazing clarity into it. So when I felt stuck, I called her and hoped she would be available to work with me. She helped me see one huge mistake I’ve been making for years, which kept me frustrated in creating ALL of my programs (I can’t believe I didn’t see it myself!). Shawn also helped me see the biggest transformation my clients value about working with me, and design a client path to make sure they experience it!

I’ve had many coaches over the years, but never someone at this level of both, strategic AND tactical thinking. Shawn is a rare diamond among coaches, and I can’t wait to see where her wisdom will take my business this year!

—Milana Leshinsky
Creator of
“I have to say the VIP Intensive process was quite awesome!”

I enjoyed working with Shawn face to face and to be supported for several months following in creating my Signature Program. Shawn has been really helpful in pulling out my process. It was easy for me to think I didn’t have a process I was using with my clients every day. But at the end of my day-long session with Shawn I saw that I did have a process, that it was repeatable and I could lean on that process even more with clients I was working with. It was a great gift to me that was worth the price of admission just after the first day.

And then over the next three months Shawn helped me continue to deal with both my mindset and my process to get me to the point where I had a program website was up and running and was ready to launch my Signature Program live. This is much faster than most people are able to deliver. If you are ready to take your process Signature I highly recommend you work with Shawn Driscoll!

—Cornelia Shipley
Creator of Your Career of Contribution,
“Shawn is truly a breath of fresh air.”

Shawn is truly a breath of fresh air when it comes to business coaching. She’s smart, tough, caring and knows how to direct strategic thinking. Before working with her I struggled to create my signature program and now I have two that bring in steady cash flow. I also have made huge leaps in my business financially and emotionally. Shawn is the real deal. We would all be wise to listen.

—Meredith Liepelt
Your Branding Strategist,
“Before working with Shawn I was exhausted, overwhelmed and stuck in a 1 on 1 business model. Now that I have my signature process I am energized and propelled forward.”

Before I worked with Shawn, I had all the raw materials to have a successful businesss. However, I didn’t know how to put them together to make my business more profitable AND sustainable. I was exhausted doing only one on on coaching, and knew I needed to change my business model, but was stuck because I didn’t know how and felt very overwhelmed with trying to figure it out on my own. I also knew that I both wanted and needed a Signature Program but had no idea about how to create one.

That’s where Shawn came in. She (very quickly) helped me nail the signature process I use to help clients consistently get powerful results. What was surprising was that this process was right under my nose, but I was so close to it I couldn’t see it! I’m so much clearer on what I do for my clients that helps to them to move forward. I also have a process that is uniquely mine, and that I can use to create products and services that meet my clients’ core needs.

Working with Shawn was energizing. The clarity and integrity she brings to her work inspired me and propelled me forward.

—Karen Bierdeman
“Shawn is able to extract your unique brilliance so you can align with your purpose and passion.”

While many coaches offer blueprints or cookie cutter approaches only, Shawn listens, asks questions and offers distinctions to extract your unique brilliance so you can align with your purpose and passion.

—Marlene Chism
“Thanks for being so awesome at what you do!”

Shawn, you are amazing as a coach/consultant and business strategist. I’m a super creative, big picture thinker, so when I have worked with coaches in the past, I get more of the same…lots of ideas, but not much support in helping me implement the brainstorms. You are different. Working with you has allowed me to “know what I know” as you helped me discover what my signature process is.

When I have come to you in overwhelm because I was in “idea overload,” you took a stand for me to get clarity and connect with my values, my purpose, and my goals. You helped chunk things down into very manageable pieces, and I look forward to more work with you as you further help me create info products and flush out even more of the small details of my future programs.

In addition to the coaching/consulting, you have taught me a great deal about systems and implementation which I have been able to bring into my own business and as a result, have created a really powerful team. I’m sure I wouldn’t have had this much success had I not learned some of the team building and leadership skills from you.

—Therese Skelly
Small Business Owner’s Success Coach,
“One call with Shawn and an issue I had been struggling with for months was completely resolved.”

Shawn is one of the only coaches I have ever worked with who can make sense of my rambling. With accuracy and brevity, she is easily able to cut through all the abstract thought and work out a very clear and practical plan to take you forward. Shawn never allows you to hide behind false limitations or to minimize your own power. She always encourages you to think bigger. I had been struggling with my brand for months and one call with Shawn made my confusion fall away. Before working with Shawn, I would have been happy to have a plan for a £50,000 business. Now I KNOW I am on my way to creating a million dollar business. Shawn is one of mine and my businesses most valuable assets.

—Sarah Newton
Your Gen-Y Guide,
“Shawn gave me permission to shine!”

I came to coaching because I had experienced a lull in my career, and was ready to make a quantum leap. After interviewing various coaches, I knew Shawn was the one who could challenge me, stretch my thinking, and hold me accountable.

The year I hired Shawn as my coach, I earned a meritorious annual performance review on the job, received an unprecedented raise, took my first trip overseas, reconnected with relatives, planned a fun and memorable birthday weekend with friends from around the country, and fine-tuned a number of key relationships. It was exactly the year of growth and adventure I was looking for — Shawn’s coaching was without a doubt the key ingredient. She not only held me accountable, she was there to cheer me on when I achieved something really rewarding.

Shawn had the ability to ask the right questions, help me to find my own solutions, and offer simple insights that will stay with me for a lifetime. But even more importantly, Shawn gave me permission to shine. I learned big things are possible for me. I can now point to achievements I never would have dreamed possible a few years ago: running my own business, presenting on Wall Street, and teaching at my alma mater, to name just a few. If you want to take your life and career to a whole new level, and you’re willing to work hard, I strongly urge you to give Shawn a call.

—Gina DeLapa
President, Maestro Consulting Group
“The most productive investment in mentoring I’ve ever experienced. I’m Set Up for a 7 Figure Business this Year!”

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 13 years and had hit a ceiling in my revenue. Shawn’s VIP Intensive process clarified for me exactly how I could re-position my marketing messages and programs to attract a market that would align more harmoniously with my talents and preferences.

I eliminated programs that weren’t as profitable or as good a fit as I’d like. Shawn showed me new pricing and conversion strategies. Then, we put together a step-by-step strategy that has attracted several A-level Joint Ventures partners. We also up roll-out launches for my revitalized programs. My time with Shawn has been the most productive investment in mentoring I’ve ever experienced and I’m set up for a 7 figure business this year!

—Rhonda Hess
Coaching Niche Success Strategist, Prosperous Coach,
“I Discovered My Secret Sauce and Created a Customized Plan to Reach My Goals!”

I spent 3 months working with Shawn on developing a master plan for my business. Shawn helped me discover my “secret sauce” (as she calls it) and through her heartfelt listening skills helped me determine exactly how I help my clients in building profitable businesses. What impressed me the most about Shawn was her ability to grasp the important facts in my industry. She is extremely savvy in internet technicalities and helped me create a business plan that included strategies, systems and income goals. What I loved most of all is the way she helps you keep your vision alive when working on these day to day strategies.

—Gale Bates
International Business Coach
“I had plenty of ideas but no concrete plan…but with Shawn’s guidance I got more than a plan, I got results!”

I came to Shawn looking for clarity. I needed to get my message clear and compelling, figure out exactly who I wanted to work with, and determine how clients moved through my company, including the packages they had to choose from. I had plenty of ideas and thoughts, but no concrete structure to the packages. I also had no idea how to price them, or how many I needed to create the income I wanted with my business.

I had tried several other business coaches, some of them successful, some not. What I really needed was an in-depth study into my business and careful consideration of my goals, my products, and my clients to create packages that made sense. This process with Shawn was considerably different because it was careful and considered application of her knowledge and process to my business, instead of a generic marketing plan stuffed into my company.

With Shawn’s guidance I got exactly the results I needed! I am clear on the path clients’ take through my company. I created three tremendous service packages and income plans for each package. I clarified my target market and my ideal client. I got my head above the clouds to see the bigger possibilities of what I could accomplish and I got to spend time with someone who really cared about my outcomes for my business. I feel more confident and know I can accomplish the plan.

I would highly recommend Shawn for your coaching needs, especially if you need clarity on where you want to go. Shawn provides a different way of approaching a particular problem and helps you to shift your paradigm to get the right answer for your marketing and business needs.

—Erica Kalkofen
CEO, ek kitchens&design, llc

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