Signature Spotlight: The Institute for Leadership Fitness™

A recent conversation with my colleague and friend David Chinsky of gave me an idea to do a series on real-deal Signature Programs. When I’m teaching about Signature Programs I’m often asked for examples, and David’s “The Institute for Leadership Fitness™” is a perfect example of what I consider a ‘signature’ program.

When I’m working with clients to design a signature program, we focus on these 4 keys to success:

  1. Capture the essence and magic of your private work in some way

  2. Align with your core mission and methodology, process or set of guiding principles

  3. Create an overall experience for clients that facilitates learning and application

  4. Leverage your talents, expertise, time and resources so you multiply your impact (and income!)

So as I was learning more about David’s work through The Institute for Leadership Fitness™, I realized his program perfectly illustrated each of these 4 keys!

Keys 1 & 2: Capturing the essence and an aligning methodology

David shared how the Institute began as an exercise from his coach to document his coaching philosophy and method. It took a few revisions to really nail it, but David eventually uncovered the 4 dynamic qualities he consistently coached his private clients around over and over. By uncovering and understanding these 4 dynamic qualities (Clarity, Confidence, Effectiveness and Vitality) David realized he had a coaching model he could build a program around and The Institute for Leadership Fitness™ was born!

Key 3: Provide an experience that supports implementation and application

As David designed his program, he was clear that he wanted a long term relationship with his high potential executive clients. David’s mission is to enhance managerial effectiveness and increase leadership fitness™.

As he designed the Institute, he knew it was critical to provide a transformational coaching experience that lived up to that mission. With this in mind, he built a 12 month curriculum that includes a combination of assessment, live workshops and private coaching support. This mix, he found, really helps clients achieve the level of effectiveness they seek and supports them in making change and getting real results.

Key 4: Leverage to multiply your impact

Through The Institute for Leadership Fitness™, David is able to take his message and methods to larger groups of clients. In fact, David has other coaches and facilitators coaching and leading the program, and as a result, he can run multiple groups in multiple locations across the country! That is a perfect example of the power of a Signature Program to take your mission and message to a whole new level.

So what can you take away from David’ example?

Beyond the obvious 4 keys (which I encourage you to reflect on), David’s story is an example of how transformational a Signature Program can be for you, your business and your clients. Once you uncover the core mission, message and methodology of your work, you unleash a heightened sense of clarity and confidence. Clients see it, feel it and want more of it. You begin to see which opportunities strengthen your business and which ones derail it. With a Signature Program as a cornerstone in your business, you start to see whole new ways of serving your clients and providing them with value added products, services and experiences that they are thrilled with.

I encourage you to take a look at what David has built at as it’s a terrific example of a coach Leading the Way for his clients!

If you’ve got an example of a Signature Program you’d like me to profile, send me an email and tell me about it at

If you’d like my help in identifying your Signature Program I recommend a Signature Strategy Session for starters. I’ve extended the ½ off summer sale until 8/15/09.

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