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From the Desk of: Shawn Driscoll,

The Trailblazer’s Coach


Dear Smart, Ambitious Expert:

Have you ever wondered:

“If I’m so gifted at what I do, why isn’t my business taking off the way I know it could?”

It’s the unspoken question I hear all the time. And it really pulls at my heart.

  • You have great information and expertise to share
  • You’ve developed an amazing level of mastery at what you do
  • Clients who experience your work love what you do and are truly touched, transformed and delighted
  • You have a big vision and an inner call to reach a wider audience with your message

You know you hold the pieces of a high impact business in your hands.

And yet, it’s not quite coming together.

  • Your message doesn’t always feel crystal clear to you
  • You know you’re good at what you do, but wonder if you’re really all that different from others in your field
  • Your offers seem to miss the mark, and attracting your ideal clients is hit and miss
  • You can’t seem to pick a niche or focus on one market because there is so much you do and so many people you can serve
  • You’re not getting out and networking, marketing or even writing the way you know you should because questions about ‘what do I do’ and “how do I talk about it’ keep you hesitating and holding back

You DO have the pieces of a highly influential and financially successful business within your reach.

You just have to get clear on how to put it all together in a way that is going to work for you and your ideal client’s long term. You need that “Picture”—like the cover of the puzzle box—to help you get it framed in and clicking like you know is possible.

That “picture” is what I call your “Signature Advantage”. Your Signature Advantage™ is what makes you unique, remarkable and attractive to your ideal clients. It’s a combination of three key points of clarity—WHAT you uniquely do, HOW you specifically do it, and WHO you do it best for.


When you start building your business–including your message, marketing, programs and services, systems–AROUND your unique Signature Advantage™ everything starts to click.

  • You gain increased clarity and confidence in sharing your message so you finally get out and tell others about it
  • You begin to focus only on the ideas, opportunities and clients that are perfectly suited to you
  • You more easily create services and offers that your ideal clients want, need, value and eagerly invest in
  • You begin to attract the just right clients, opportunities and partnerships that propel things forward
  • Running your business becomes FUN again as you begin to make more money in less time, with more ease
  • And you build your influence—as a thought leader or influential expert—with less struggle, stress and strain than ever before
I want that for you. And I believe 100% that it’s possible.

Introducing: Discover Your PROFITABLE Signature Advantage™…

Discover Your Profitable Signature Advantage™ is a 4 part process specifically designed to help you QUICKLY pull all the pieces of your great work together in a distinctive way so that you can attract bigger opportunities, more ideal clients and finally open up to the full potential hiding in your business. This unique process will help you fully focus on your uniqueness-your Signature Advantage™-so you are leveraging your best while gaining the edge you need to reach the next level of visibility and impact

This program is for you if…

  • You keep wondering what it is that makes you unique or distinctive
  • You’re tired of second guessing about who you’re here to serve
  • You’re ready to step up and out with your own unique message and approach
  • You feel you’ve lost your way–and your uniqueness– trying to follow all the blueprints and formulas
  • You believe you’re sitting on some serious untapped potential and know one of the big things standing in your way is not being able to clearly nail your market or your message
  • You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get clear

This program is for action takers who know that once they have a clear picture of how all of their talents and expertise fit together, they’ll take off.

Is that you?

Through Discover Your Profitable Signature Advantage you will:

  • Unlock your distinctiveness—your ‘Signature Advantage™”—and infuse it into everything you do so you are truly leveraging your best and getting the ‘edge’ in the market you know you need to reach the next level
  • Pinpoint your just right client and core compelling message (and stop wasting time and money on the wrong market or wrong message!)
  • Begin to make sense of all the ideas in your head and heart, so you can take clear, confident action in your business
  • Share the essence of your work with a wider audience, and ignite your influence and income
  • Enjoy a renewed sense of passion and purpose (I’m all about engaging that Inner FIRE!)

“Shawn helped me see the biggest transformation my clients’ value about working with me, and design a client path to make sure they experience it!

I’ve had many coaches over the years, but never someone at this level of both, strategic AND tactical thinking. Shawn is a rare diamond among coaches, and I can’t wait to see where her wisdom will take my business this year!”

~Milana Leshinsky;


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When you invest in Discover Your Profitable Signature Advantage, here is exactly what you get:


Showcase Your Secret Sauce and Step Into More Recognition and Rewards

We’re often blind to our own strengths and that makes it very difficult to tell others about them! Your “secret sauce” is the source of the benefits and transformation clients get from your work. Your secret sauce holds the key to long term client relationships and rewarding partnerships, so this lesson is all about shining a light on your unique ‘flavor’.

In this step you will:

  • Learn the key to establishing your unique value in an increasingly overcrowded marketplace
  • Uncover the biggest transformation (and unexpected benefits) your ideal clients experience when working with you
  • Finally name and claim that ever-elusive ‘special something’ that you uniquely bring to the table
  • Experience how much more FUN work is when you focus on your ‘sweet spot’ work



Pinpoint Your “Premier” Prospects and Start Attracting More Highly Committed, Well Paying Clients

You can’t stay fired up and full of passion for your work if you’re struggling to attract clients who value what you do or are constantly tolerating clients who who take way more energy than they give, and leave you drained. Yet, you can’t attract a steady stream of ideal clients if you’re not quite sure who they are. During this lesson you get clear about the community or “tribe” you most want (and are best suited) to create and serve for the long term.

In this step you will learn:

  • The key to attracting a loyal client base that sticks with you for the long term
  • How to get beyond ‘demographics’ and pinpoint exactly who you’re here to serve
  • Why niching probably hasn’t worked for you, and what to do instead
  • See the connection between your “Secret Sauce” and what YOUR ideal clients are willing to invest in
  • Identify exactly where to reach even more of your premier prospects and ideal clients



Claim Your Unique Message And Elevate Your Status As An Influential And Respected Expert

Make your mark with a clear and compelling message. In this lesson you will clarify your unique positioning so you standout and attract more business. You will learn to articulate a clear and unique message that speaks directly to your ideal clients across all of your messaging and marketing.

In this step you will:

  • Discover how to put everything you do into one clear “umbrella” concept
  • Clearly position you and your business as a trusted, respected source
  • Identify specific ways to infuse your unique message into your marketing and offers
  • Feel confident seeking out and stepping into bigger opportunities because you know you have a clear, authentic and powerful message to share



Map Your Signature System to Get Known for Delivering Amazing Results

Your Signature System is HOW you uniquely deliver results. In this lesson you learn a method to map out your proprietary Signature System which serves as the foundation of all that you do in your business. By applying what you learn in this lesson you will create your own proprietary methods that support and accelerate the amazing results you deliver.
In this Session You Will:

  • Learn the benefits of a Signature System and how having one can help you accelerate results and grow your reputation
  • Address and overcome some of the common concerns and fears about using a “system” in your business
  • Learn the 4 common types of Signature Systems and find one that is a fit for you
  • Connect your Signature System to your Signature Advantage for seamless communication
  • Use one of the methods to map your core Signature System

Throughout Each Step You Are Supported By:

video4 Video Training Modules to watch at your own pace. Each lesson is designed to help you access your own insights and apply the concept to your business.


checklistEasy to use Action Guides for each lesson.  Each lesson includes templates, checklists, diagrams and selected resources to speed up your creative process and quickly finalize your Signature Advantage work.

Implementation Tools.  Including a Signature Advantage Canvas to map your completed Signature Advantage work. Additional selected resources support you in profiting from your Signature Advantage.


“Shawn is truly a breath of fresh air when it comes to business coaching. She’s smart, tough, caring and knows how to direct strategic thinking. Before working with her I struggled to create my signature program and now I have two thatMeredith Liepelt bring in steady cash flow. I also have made huge leaps in my business financially and emotionally. Shawn is the real deal. We would all be wise to listen.”

~Meredith Liepelt, Your Branding Strategist,

“I highly recommend Shawn and her signature work! I credit Shawn Driscoll with helping me outline and craft the Profitable Essence System. She’s the first person ever who showed me that my creative intuitive strategizing actually hadNancy Marmolejo steps to it! Explaining my creative process is like catching moonbeams in a jar – Shawn can take your magic and give it a name, shape and help you get it out there.”

~Nancy Marmolejo, Viva Visibility,

Are you ready to Discover YOUR Signature Advantage … and discover how what makes you different can make you more profitable … in just 30 days?


I’m ready to Discover My Profitable Signature Advantage!

To recap, the program includes:

  • 4 comprehensive 75 minute video lessons designed to walk you through the Signature Advantage™ process step by step
  • 4 Action Guides complete with exercises, tips and diagrams to ensure you can apply each step in the process to YOUR business
  • The Signature Advantage Canvas plus additional resources to help you integrate your Profitable Signature Advantage™ into your business for maximum results

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“Before I worked with Shawn, I had all the raw materials to have a successful business. However, I didn’t know how to put them together to make my business more profitable AND sustainable. I was exhausted doing only one on one coaching, and knew I needed to change my business model, but was stuck because I didn’t know how and felt very overwhelmed with trying to figure it out on my own.

Shawn (very quickly) helped me nail the signature process I use to help clients consistently get powerful results. What was surprising was that this process was right under my nose, but I was so close to it I couldn’t see it! I’m so much clearer on what I do for my clients that helps to them to move forward. I also have a process that is uniquely mine, and that I can use to create products and services that meet my clients’ core needs.

Karen BierdemanWorking with Shawn was energizing. The clarity and integrity she brings to her work inspired me and propelled me forward.”

~Karen Bierdeman,

Are you ready to stop hesitating and holding back in your business because you can’t quite communicate the unique value of what you do?

There’s nothing I’m more passionate about than helping smart, ambitious and creative entrepreneurs tap into the true value of their work so they can spread their mission and earn the recognition and rewards they deserve. Your answers are closer than you think. It’s just a matter of learning how to tap into the true heart of your work. I hope you’ll join us for Discover Your Profitable Signature Advantage!

Register me!

Lead a life of difference,

shawn driscoll

PS: 30 days from now, where would you like to be? When you complete this course you’ll be clearer, more confident and taking decisive action! You’ll be actively attracting more ideal clients and bigger opportunities to spread your message and make the impact you’re here to make. Join us.


“Shawn helped me discover my “secret sauce” (as she calls it) and through hergale bates heartfelt listening skills helped me determine exactly how I help my clients in building profitable businesses.”

~Gale Bates, International Business Coach,

“I came to Shawn looking for clarity. I needed to get my message clear and compelling, figure out exactly who I wanted to work with, and determine how clients moved through my company, including the packages they had to choose from. I had plenty of ideas and thoughts, but no concrete structure to the packages. I also had no idea how to price them, or how many I needed to create the income I wanted with my business.

With Shawn’s guidance I got exactly the results I needed! I am clear on the path clients’ take through my company. I created three tremendous service packages and income plans for each package. I clarified my target market and my ideal client. I got my head above the clouds to see the bigger possibilities of what I could accomplish and I got to spend time with someone who really cared aboutErica Kalkofen my outcomes for my business. I feel more confident and know I can accomplish the plan.”

~Erica Kalkofen, CEO, ek kitchens&design, llc,

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