On finally breaking ground….

On Tuesday we finally broke ground on an addition to our home.  A new kitchen and master bath are underway!

It’s an exciting, slightly chaotic time.

We’ve been talking about expanding our small, poorly laid out kitchen and adding another bathroom for a long time. But as we walked around our home, we couldn’t visualize a way to make it happen that would fit with the home we love.

(bear with me for a moment here..there is an important business lesson coming up!)

Our house is a 1936 brick Tudor.  We love the historic features and our neighborhood.  But we needed a little more space and functionality.  Just not at the expense of the uniqueness of our home.

Further complicating things is that our house was built with a unique system of steel and concrete. Let’s just say….this place was BUILT. TO. LAST.

After a parade of builders came through, saw the unique challenges of the construction and space, most weren’t able to offer a vision for what we wanted. More than once we heard “in my 30 years of doing this work, I’ve never a house built like this.” Some didn’t want to deal with the steel and concrete structure. Other’s tried, but just couldn’t see how to give us what we wanted without undue complexity and costs. We worried it couldn’t be done.

It was discouraging.

Clarity and an exciting path forward didn’t come until we hired an architect with a love of historic homes, a penchant for research and a creative eye.

She was able to look at the uniqueness of the house and see beyond the challenges to the opportunity.  She researched and found (!) information on the rare steel and concrete system hidden in the walls of our home, and used that information to create a plan.  She created a plan that excited us, gave us the space we needed and could be done within our budget.

That kind of creative clarity is such a gift.

So what does this have to do with your business?


#1. When you’re trying to build something unique, you can’t always go for ‘off the shelf’ solutions. Not every expert is going to be able to see your vision or understand what you’re wanting to do. That’s ok.  It doesn’t mean they aren’t great at what they do.  It does mean they probably aren’t for you.

#2.  You may not be able to figure it out on your own. I know it feels great to be able to say “I did it myself!”  But sometimes we simply can’t see the solution on our own.  And getting an expert eye on the situation can open up entirely new possibilities you’d have never considered before.

#3.  Clarity creates momentum.  I just can’t overstate how critical clarity is to being able to take real action.  Confusion is draining. Clarity is energizing. Energy creates momentum. You can take action with confidence because you’re not second guessing every step of the way.

#4.  Look beyond the complexity and challenges to find the opportunities.  Business building is complicated.  Figuring out where to head next or how to build something that will deliver results can be challenging.  But the best solutions come about when you accept those complications and look beyond them toward the creative solutions.  When we’re too focused on the complications, we aren’t creative or able to look at things differently.

#5.  Position yourself based on your personal ‘magic’.  The architect we hired had a love for historic buildings and preserving the integrity of them even when modernizing.  That made her stand out as someone I wanted to work with.  She brought a different eye to the project because of that. She saw possibilities others couldn’t see. You do that too.  In your own unique way. There’s something in YOUR approach that’s unique to you.  Make sure you’re sharing that ‘magic’ with those you want to serve.

Could you use a dose of Business Clarity to move you forward?

If so,I’d love to be your business ‘architect’.

Clarity is my middle name.  (OK, not really.  It’s actually Marjorie.  But I kinda like Clarity!)  But it’s what I’m known for.  I see your vision and can help map out a unique path to results that you can be excited about.

And right now I’m offering a BONUS Business Model Clarity session with every purchase of Discover Your TQ.  (click here for more)

Discover Your TQ is my signature business planning process.  Essentially it’s a shortcut to clarify what options will create momentum and excitement in your business and which ideas will lead to wheel spinning or worse.  And like my architect, it will help you discover how to expand your business in a way that fits YOU and your needs.

For just $97, you get:

  • An updated Trailblazer Quotient Assessment (TQ 2.0!) that helps you pinpoint your perfect profit model.(so even if you’ve taken it before, you’ll want to get updated scores)
  • Plus video training and an Action Guide to help you create a 90 day plan to maximize your influence, income and fulfillment in your business.
  • An invitation to join my private Facebook group The Trailblazer Action Circle
  • A BONUS private 30 minute Business Model Clarity session ($297 value).

>>>>Get Discover Your TQ and your BONUS Business Model Clarity session here. 

Wish us luck on our renovation! I’ll keep you in the loop on any insights or business building revelations I have as we go!

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