New Year Planning Resources for You!

Happy New Year!

I spent the first few days of 2017 doing some reflecting, assessing and planning.  You probably have too.  I know you are eager to get off on the right foot in the New Year and set your businesses up for success, fulfillment and impact.

After putting my 2017 strategy together I thought I’d share my planning process with you.  Even if you’ve already drafted your plan, I find it’s always valuable to go through the process and make sure your strategy is totally aligned to who you are, what you want and how you can make the biggest impact in 2017 and beyond.  I know when I went back through my first draft plan, I had to make some changes so that it was a true reflection of me and would allow me to make the impact I want to make this year.

To make sure your plan is truly designed to maximize your success & fulfillment this year, I recommend the following steps  (all of which are covered in the strategic planning tools you can download here–my gift to you):

  1. Reflect on the last year.  Take note of what worked, what didn’t and what you learned so that you know what to carry forward into the New Year–and what to leave behind.
  2. Set what I call F.I.R.E goals.  Don’t simply focus on revenue goals.  Look at the whole of your business on balance and set goals in four key areas–Freedom, Impact, Revenue & Effectiveness/Ease.  The best strategic plans allow you to accomplish all four goals, never sacrificing one at the expense of another.
  3. Identify the opportunities and priorities in all areas of your business.  In the planning tool provided, I give you the four major areas to consider.
  4. Map out your quarterly projects and priorities.  Be sure to balance your efforts between client service, marketing, developing new offerings and your personal priorities.  And be cautious of ‘over planning’ the first quarter–it’s a common habit!
  5. Take Action.  It goes without saying that the most important part of any plan is taking action to make it happen.  Yes, stay flexible.  But also stay focused.  I recommend revisiting your plan quarterly in order to make adjustments as needed.

You can download the Trailblazer Results Planner here.  (No opt in required.)

I’m excited to see what you create and accomplish this year. Your Trailblazing work is needed now, more than ever.  Let’s make real change happen in 2017!

Please share in the comments how the process works for you and what you are up to in the New Year!





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