Let’s Talk Strategy…

Having a smart business strategy is critical to taking your business to the next level. As your business matures you need a clear strategy to guide growth and avoid the stress, confusion and anxiety that can seep into your business life.

With a strategy guiding you, you are able to easily:

  1. make clear decisions & choices (and eliminate confusion & overwhelm)
  2. differentiate your business & connect deeply with your market
  3. grow your impact and income in a way that honors your personal need for more spaciousness

I know that with the right strategy you can create significant impact through your business and create more time and space in your life.  But often what happens is that our business grows and evolves and becomes less of what we really want.  It’s critical to take a step back every so often and ask some key questions.

Your growth strategy has to answer the following:


I love looking at a business and assessing the overall strategy based on these 5 questions.  In fact, this is the area my work has the most impact and transformation.  Because with the right strategy for you, you eliminate the questions and heaviness that drag your business (and spirits) down…and your results sky rocket.

While we’re talking strategy I also wanted to let you know about a new way I am available to help you quickly craft a growth strategy for your business & get rapid results as you implement it.  (Because you don’t want to spend months trying to figure this stuff out!).

Join the Strategy Studio:

I’m opening up space in my private coaching Strategy Studio.  The Strategy Studio is designed to give you a clear & customized Business Strategy and  laser focused implementation support week in and week out  for 3 months (without busting your budget).  Here’s a quick snapshot of how it works:

  • We start with a in depth look at your business & goals through an intake process. I will personally assess your business against the key strategy questions, above and identify growth opportunities you may be missing.
  • Then we roll up our sleeves and work together during a 90 minute private strategy session to map out a 90 day strategy for your business. You’ll receive a complete written strategy and action plan.
  • After that, you have access to weekly private coaching calls and email support for 3 months.As a Strategy Studio client I’m 100% focused on you & your business growth.

If you’re interested in exploring if the Strategy Studio is right for you, apply here and you’ll be invited to book a no-obligation call with me to lay out exactly how the right strategy can help you maximize your impact, differentiate your business  and give you the time and space you most crave.

(I currently have 3 openings in the Strategy Studio.  So if you’re looking for some smart, strategic hands-on support, apply now and let’s talk.)

There is a customized way to grow your business and impact without sacrificing your freedom and values.  I’d love to show you a strategy that will get you there.

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