Ignore this Marketing Advice

Last week, as I was helping a client map out her Signature offering, she raised questions about marketing. She wasn’t sure how to market her offering and was feeling conflicted about it.  I could hear some deflation in her normally vibrant voice and I was curious.

Turns out she’d recently gotten some feedback and advice from some super smart colleagues that she really respected.  But what they told her left her unsure and uninspired about her marketing strategy.

They felt she was ‘giving away too much away’ and needed to dial it way back.

But she didn’t really feel good about what they suggested she do.

You know…things like ‘focus on the what, not the how’ and ‘don’t go deep’, just give ‘tips and light content’.  Maybe you’ve heard marketing tips like this too.

Now this is a woman who is an amazing coach.  She’s generous, deep, intuitive and fierce for her clients.  She creates deep transformation.  But her work is not always easy to explain.

So this type of ‘give them a small taste’ marketing felt like it restrained her rather than reflected her true value.

And frankly, it took the wind out of her sails.

It was clear that marketing based on ‘expert content’ was not going to work for her.  Quick tips and good information are not what causes people to buy from her.  She isn’t into it.  And neither are her customers.

Her marketing can’t be based on this strategy.  And I told her so.

I explained that based on her Trailblazer Quotient, she’s very intimate and inspirational.  And that means her marketing has to be experiential NOT informational.

People have to EXPERIENCE the magic of her work.  Her prospects need to FEEL something.  They need to connect with her.  And they need to experience her unique work in some way.

They can’t just be given a few breadcrumbs of content and ‘get it’.  And, there are plenty of ways to do this in marketing without ‘giving it all away”.

This insight immediately shifted things for her.  And she now has a marketing plan she can run with, be on fire about and that showcases the unique value she brings to the table.  (She later emailed to say “It FEELS so good to be understood!” )

So what does this story have to do with you Shawn?

Well, there’s a specific way that your value needs to be communicated in your marketing. And if you’re trying to market in a way that restrains you or doesn’t capture your unique magic, it will fall flat.

There are lots of great marketing strategies out there.  But they won’t work or convert if they don’t build desire for the true value of your work. So please make sure that before you try the next ‘smart’ strategy you hear, that you’re certain it resonates with you and your audience.

I’d love to show you what marketing strategy is best for the transformational work YOU do.

So this week I’m offering you a bonus Business Model Clarity session when you get my assessment and action plan tool:  Discover Your Trailblazer Quotient (TQ).  In this private session I will personally help you uncover the right strategy to showcase the unique brilliance of your work.

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