How does endless free publicity sound?

I’m excited to invite you to an exclusive teleclass I’ve arranged with my friend and colleague Shannon Cherry, the Power Publicist.

I love bringing leading edge strategies to you so that you can reach more people with your mission, and attract more customers to your work. One key strategy that can get you more clients, more credibility and more buzz – FAST – is free publicity! That’s why I’m so excited that Shannon has agreed to do this private interview with me, exclusively for my followers and readers.

Join me Tuesday, June 2nd at 1:00 pm ET as I interview my good friend and publicity pro Shannon Cherry, founder of, to learn her The Endless Publicity Formula. Shannon will share her insider secrets on how she made 80% of her income using free publicity to market herself – and has gotten coverage in The New York Times, Parents Magazine, NewsWeek, Better Homes & Gardens, The Today Show and many more.

In this exclusive call, you’ll leave:

  • Thinking like a reporter to create newsworthy stories – even if don’t think you have anything to say

  • Understanding the tricks to getting the media’s attention – and keeping it

  • Armed with the tools to get publicity for yourself

  • Discovering the secret to promoting your products and services, without feeling like a sleezy salesman

  • And much more

Here’s the direct link to the Call In Details so you can join us live on Tuesday, June 2nd 2009 at 1:00 pm Eastern:

(Note: If you can’t make it live on the call, I will be recording it and sending it out, however, to get on the list to receive the recording and reminders of the call, you’ll need to officially register as I only want to send the recording to those who have signed up to receive it.)

We’re looking forward to having you on the call!

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