How Do I Maintain Energy, Focus, Motivation and Drive?

These are the things that tip the balance, drain your energy, and make it so you don’t have the focus to accomplish your goals.

Think of it like your computer. If you use Windows and have too many things open on your computer, no matter how much memory you have, it’s not going to perform well. It’s a big drain on the resources of your computer. It’s the same thing in our brains. If we have too many things open, it drains our focus, even if we think they’re small.

If energy, focus and motivation seem to be waning, the number-one strategy is to take inventory and identify:

“What am I putting up with?”
“What am I incomplete on or around?”
“What am I procrastinating on that is sucking away my energy?”

Make your list of what you’re tolerating, what’s incomplete and what you’re procrastinating on, and make it a priority to start cleaning up some of the low-hanging fruit.

Clean up the little stuff first because that will give you an energy surge. Then keep up the practice of keeping your inventory of tolerations, incompletions and procrastinations as low as possible. Those are huge drains on your energy and motivation.

Have a Clear and Compelling WHY

The other piece of maintaining motivation and focus is having a clear “why.” Sometimes I call this your ‘bigger why’. Your bigger why is the real thing that motivates you to take action.

The bigger question that will help you keep going is to get clear on “why.” “If I had that, why would it matter? What would I be able to do with that?”

For example, what motivates me to keep plugging away at growing my business, when it might be easier to go get a job somewhere?

Well, part of my “big why” is my children. I want to be a model for them on how you can achieve success on your own terms. And, I want to be here for them. I want the flexibility to be home when school is out and to scale back my work schedule during summers and school breaks. But, I also want to do work that I feel makes a difference to others and makes good use of my God given talents and strengths. That’s the big “why” that drives me forward.

When I start to get unmotivated and think, “Maybe this is good enough. I should just stop here.” Or when I get frustrated with my business (it happens!) I reconnect with why I am really doing this. I’m not doing this just for the purpose of having a business. I’m doing this for a much bigger purpose.

What is it for you? What is that aspiration?

Connecting with that compelling vision, not only about what you want but WHY you want it and why it matters to the world and to you, will keep you energized. The “why,” and the emotional connection to that “why,” is the source of your energy.

4 Responses to How Do I Maintain Energy, Focus, Motivation and Drive?

  1. Jarkko says:

    I would like to point out that starting from those easy/fast/little things can give an energy boost, but one must be really careful not to fall back and feel content for day’s effort.

    Ticking off 7 out of 10 to-dos on ones list is great, but if those remaining 3 are huge tasks, they never get done. If one is not able to charge these huge lumps and divide them into smaller tasks, which are possible to accomplish, then we are on to something.

    Like you well pointed out the BIGGER why gives the motivation for those difficult things. Unfortunately this kind of reason can’t be reasoned, it must be felt.

  2. April Huie says:

    I came across a sticker that said “Change your thinking, change your world” and it brought me to the website about thinking happy thoughts. I work for a company that requires motivation from within and I realize that the one way to stsy motivated is by learning new things on a daily basis. I read what you wrote and would like to hear of some ways to inspire new people to do what you do. We do alot of training and inspiring but sometimes it is nice to see things at another perspective. If you have any reccommendations that would be fabulous. One question, who is your favorite author as far as self-helpis concerned.

    Thank you, April KIRBY girl

  3. Shawn Driscoll says:

    Great comments here on this article! I love hearing from you all.

    To April’s questions:
    1) If you are someone who is ‘wired’ towards learning as a core value, then yes, being in an environment where you learn daily will be highly motivating to you. But if Learning is not a value, that kind of environment may not be as motivating. The interesting thing about motivation is that each of us is wired a little bit differently, and it’s our job to find an environment in synch with our internal motivation.

    2) If you want to inspire others you have to ‘get’ their internal motivators and then support them in that way. What is it that really gets them excited? ask. Create your training around the person and you’ll see great results. Some companies attract a certain profile or ‘type’ of person and so it becomes easier to design an environment that inspsires and motivates because the group is similar.

    3) I don’t have a favorite author. I read a lot of very different things. Currently reading: Ekhart Tolle, Robert Kiyosaki, & Now Discover Your Strengths (Clifton)

    Great book about Questions: Change Your Questions, Change Your Life by Marilee Adams, PhD

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