Go Ahead

go ahead talkAs I do every year, I chose a theme for the year.

This year my theme is “Go Ahead”.

So why Go Ahead?

Go Ahead is….

1.    marked by energy and enterprise; progressive (as in: a vigorous ‘go ahead’ company)

2.    a sign, signal that one may proceed; green light

3.    energy, spirit; one possessing ‘go ahead’ enthusiasim

4.    readiness to embark on bold new ventures

This theme is a challenge. A call to action. A call to go ahead and make a difference. A call to step up and lead. It’s about permission to proceed. It’s about drive. The drive and passion to take on bold new things. Go Ahead is about saying YES to the things that really matter, and it’s also about saying NO to limits, hesitation and doubt.

I’ll be weaving this theme into my personal and business life this year. When at a crossroads or important decision, I’ll give myself the go ahead to take the path that pulls me. When an opportunity surfaces that’s cool but scary, I’ll remind myself I am ready to take on new ventures. I’ll approach my work and personal priorities with energy, spirit and enthusiasm…and say no to the things that drain me.

This is the year to Go Ahead. And so I’ll be weaving it into what I share with you too. Being a business owner requires a heavy dose of “Go Ahead” energy. So here are my 2014 “go ahead” nudges for you”.

Go ahead and pursue what you see that others don’t.

Go ahead and follow your enthusiasm, your passion, those inklings and nudges.

Go ahead and have some fun.

Go ahead and surround yourself with support and a community that “gets” you.

Go ahead and challenge yourself. Push yourself to do that thing that calls to you and scares you just as much.

Go ahead and clear out the clutter—in your head, in your heart, in your home or office—that limits you and stops you from being and doing what you truly want to do.

Go ahead and trust yourself. Relax into who you are, what you know and what’s next for you.

Go ahead. Be ‘crazy’. Buck convention. Lead the way.

I’d love to hear what you plan to Go Ahead and take on this year? What’s your “GO Ahead” goal? And how can I best support you as you go ahead into 2014?

3 Responses to Go Ahead

  1. gale Bates says:

    Great article Shawn! I fully believe in themes for your business! “Go ahead” is a fabulous theme. My theme this year is “Shine the Light.” It took me a while to capture the right words. I believe you have to listen to conversations and be alert when reading positive articles and you’ll find the right theme for you. Mine came to me in a conversation with my daughter on Christmas morning. In 2014, I hope to shine the light on leaders in direct sales to prosper and thrive , and show them how to shine the light on their teams.

  2. Love the inspiration, Shawn! I always have a theme too…this year my theme is: “Expansion”. To serve with ease and grace, expanding fully into the flow of giving and receiving. I can see me applying this theme not only to my business, but to all areas of my life as well. My theme started with “Service”, and evolved from there as I contemplated how I could best serve my clients, my family, and importantly: my self and my dreams.

  3. Love it, Shawn – Great graphic too! My theme this year is similar to “go ahead” … it’s Catalyst, and my tagline is “Creating change through fresh perspectives.” I’m ready to step out and shake up the trade show world with new ideas & approaches. So yes, just like you I’ll be challenging myself and others, pursuing the unknown, and bucking tradition.

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