Don’t be a victim to your vision

A couple of months ago my daughter decided it was time to transform her purple bedroom into a more upbeat teen space. We got started with yellow paint and some updated furniture. Then things came to standstill. For weeks and weeks.

Things stalled out because she couldn’t find the items she was looking for. Three different bedding sets were purchased and returned. After a month of looking we still didn’t have a desk that fit her vision. Meanwhile she had a nearly empty yellow room that wasn’t very functional or fun! She fell into the story of “I’m NEVER going to find what I want!” “My room is NEVER going to be finished.” I finally had to put my foot down and explain that she might have to make some adjustments because I was running out of patience for this process.

Having a clear direction and vision is awesome. But she was becoming a victim to her vision.

Fortunately she got it and agreed to go with things she had seen and liked, but were slightly off her original vision. We went on a whirlwind weekend shopping trip and by the end she had a gorgeous new room to enjoy. We both smile when we walk in there as it’s a great happy space for her.

So what does this have to do with you and your business?

Because when you are evolving to the next level, you may have a sense of what your ideal is. But life doesn’t always deliver things exactly as you envision them. And you fall victim to your vision too.

When things aren’t coming together exactly as you’ve planned, do you get discouraged or become stuck in inertia? It’s really common. The whole process slows down when you start to feel off track. As people start to shift and evolve, it’s easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed in the process. To think it’s “never” going to happen the way you hoped. To want to retreat back into old comforts, habits and patterns. To slow down or seek perfection over progress.

Let your vision be a guideline but not a mandate.

Allow other approaches and ideas to fuse with what you had in mind.

Be open to the opportunities and insights that drop in unexpectedly.

Be willing to take ‘imperfect’ action.  You’ll be amazed at how those often ‘imperfect’ moves end up being exactly what you needed and wanted.

Having a vision and direction is fabulous. But 90% of getting what you *REALLY* want is about adjusting course along the way while staying as true to your intention as possible. I’d love to hear how you handle the ‘in between’ stage of transforming your life and work. Share in the comments below.


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