Cash Out BIG with the right Business Model

I recently had a great conversation with Nina Kaufman on the Cash Out Big podcast on business models that create success and scalability. On this episode we discussed:

  • What it means when you’re in the cycle of procrastinating and hesitating
  • How you may be unconsciously sabotaging your business—and what to do about it
  • Choosing a business model that works for you
  • The 4 most prevalent business model types for scalability
  • Ways to reignite the enthusiasm in your business (and what that has to do with success)shawn-driscoll_cashout_onesize

Don’t miss this interview!

Listen here.

And be sure and check out the rest of Nina’s Cash Out Big podcast. Cash Out BIG helps shorten the learning curve to having a service business that generates wealth, freedom, and a legacy. (Otherwise, you may be among the 90% of entrepreneurs who can never afford to stop working). Hosted by award-winning business attorney Nina Kaufman, every weekly episode brings you an interview with successful entrepreneurs and advisors who share the tools to build a business that has real, sellable value down the line.



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