Business Building Boot Camp starts today!

If you want get your business on-track to more revenue, more profit and more money in your pocket, then you’ll want to attend The Nuts and Bolts Boot Camp™ on Revenue and Profit.

This is the real deal on what it takes to build a sustainable, profitable and financially successful business.  It’s not a marketing program.  The focus is on the critical aspects of running your business – those things inside your business that impact your revenue and profit – with the idea of mastering “the business side” of your business.

And I’ve got a Free Pass for you here.

Diane Dawson, the host, has assembled insider expertise from a wide range of top level entrepreneurs across multiple industries. You’ll learn from attorney’s, CFO’s, business strategists, financial experts and more!

As one of the guest speakers I can tell you, Diane digs deep to ask detailed questions on the critical aspects of running a business in this interview-style, online business training program.  She makes sure each interview delivers real and usable value to you, complete with action step at the end of every interview.

I’m inviting you to get your Free Pass to this business building event because I know that being able to make a great profit while being of real service is important to you.

The boot camp starts today: Tuesday, September 26th.

I’m presenting today at 3pm Eastern on 6 ways to differentiate your business.  You’ll want to catch many of the other presentations as well–as they cover a wide range of great business building topics!

Get your Free Pass to The Nuts and Bolts Boot Camp on Revenue and Profit here.


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