Creating Spaciousness

Wow.  The response to the “hidden” poem I shared  a few weeks ago was incredible!  I lost count of the number of emails and shares I received thanking me for it.  I’m so glad that it touched so many people.

Clearly the idea of slowing down resonated deeply.  I know it did for me, as this year feels like it’s hurtling forward at warp speed!  (That has a lot to do with the fact that our son’s High School graduation is fast approaching and I’d love to slow time down right now!)

One of the conversations I have with clients regularly is about the need for space…and more importantly spaciousness…in your life and work.  I love the word spaciousness.  It means there is room to breathe, to think, to create, to be.

When there is enough spaciousness you enjoy more of life.

So what does it take to create that?

It’s not solely about unscheduled time on the calendar.  But that certainly helps.  So setting boundaries about your time and protecting space is important.

But you also have to make sure that the space you create is well used, right?  More free space is great, but if you just fill it up with stress, worry or busy work, it won’t feel spacious.

So spaciousness is also about your thinking.  It’s a mindset that values and understands the importance of creativity, innovation and peace of mind.  Your business depends on those as drivers of future growth.  You’ve got to fight off the instinct to stay ‘busy’.

It’s also about what you let into your life, calendar and mind.  Do you sign up for too many emails, webinars or events and then end up with a head full of conflicting information?  Might be time to step away from all that input.

Is your calendar or to do list at the mercy of everyone else’s needs?  (I know with two teenagers, that can happen to mine!).  Can you put some structure around your spaciousness so that it’s protected. Does the word NO need to leave your lips a bit more often?

Busy has become a ‘badge of honor’.  How often do you reply to the question of “How are you?” with some version of “Busy”?  What if you answered that question differently.  What if you said “enjoying some spaciousness’ instead?

Explore what it will take to give you just a bit more ‘spaciousness’ in your life.  Notice how much more energized you feel when you do!

I’d love to hear from you.  How do you create more spaciousness in YOUR life and business?


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