Get known for work that is uniquely your own.

You do powerful work that transforms lives and businesses.  But when what you do feels hard to describe, it’s difficult to scale and sell your services.  There is a way to clarify and communicate your most important and valued work.  I can’t wait to show you exactly how to get known for work that is uniquely your own.

Just complete the form below to tell me more about you & your business. If I think I can help you, we’ll set up a complimentary conversation and I’ll show you how to capture and structure your proprietary and powerful work in a way that’s clear, compelling and easy to sell.

(Please complete this fully so I can best help you. Serious inquiries only please.  You have to be ready for more clients, want to have a signature system–no cookie cutter answers here– and be prepared to take  action.)

Shawn Driscoll

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I’ve had many coaches over the years, but never someone at this level of both, strategic AND tactical thinking. Shawn is a rare diamond among coaches, and I can’t wait to see where her wisdom will take my business this year!

—Milana Leshinsky

I was reluctant to work with Shawn at first because of the investment.  But the results I've gotten have been significant.  I've gone from $300,000 per year to over $2 million.  She's given me direction, clarity and support.

—Kristin Baird
The Baird Group

My time with Shawn has been the most productive investment in mentoring I’ve ever experienced and I’m set up for a 7 figure business this year!

—Rhonda Hess

Shawn’s the first person ever who showed me that my creative intuitive strategizing actually had steps to it! Explaining my creative process is like catching moonbeams in a jar – Shawn can take your magic and give it a name, shape and help you get it out there.

Nancy Marmalejo
—Nancy Marmalejo

Shawn is the consummate business strategist; asking questions to challenge me all with an eye towards creating and living my own business model that is authentic and sustainable.  My business has exploded as I let go of things that didn't matter for me and leveraged what was working. Shawn has helped me create a simple, yet robust business model that I enjoy immensely.

—Susan Freeman
Step Up Leader

Shawn’s smart, tough, caring and knows how to direct strategic thinking. I have made huge leaps in my business financially and emotionally.

—Meredith Liepelt
Rich Life Marketing

The results I get with Shawn are transformative.  She asks the right questions at the right time and is able to characterize situations in a way that allows me to see them differently.  I know that Shawn will figure out what I'm trying to say...and she see's what I can't in terms of blocks or gaps in the business.

—Amanda Mitchell
Our Corporate Life