Meet Shawn

What’s it like to be known for something uniquely your own? The expert that everyone talks about and seeks out?

That’s what Shawn M. Driscoll does. She’s fiercely committed to discovering what makes each business owner distinctive and supporting them in creating exclusive products and programs around that talent or ability. Her smart and level-headed style, coupled with a dash of sass, causes Shawn to be a sought after coach and business consultant to high-achieving entrepreneurs globally.

After working as a corporate consultant for years, she founded Succeed Coaching and Development, LLC at to help trailblazing business leaders inspire and impact others through their gifts and talents. She is the creator of the Trailblazer Quotient (TQ) Assessment designed to help trailblazing entrepreneurs pinpoint the profit path and business strategy uniquely suited to them.driscoll-165_web

As a champion for pioneers, mavericks, change makers, and rule breakers Shawn doesn’t take a cookie-cutter approach to business building. She knows her path to success isn’t going to be the same for everyone else. Instead she partners with her clients to build a distinctive business that honors their originality and unique point of view, as well as their time, energy and talents.

Clients seek out Shawn for creative yet practical solutions to the “big” business problems they face, such as ending creative chaos, discovering unique ways to position their business, reshaping their offerings for more income and freedom, refining their message for bigger impact, and creating signature programs and services that deliver high impact results.

How Shawn’s experience and qualifications can help you:

Getting phones to ring, building credibility, establishing your industry leadership, breaking through longstanding revenue ceilings and fostering profitable long term relationships with clients and partners are what Shawn’s programs are all about. With keen insight, integrity and enthusiasm, she helps business owners become distinctive and exceptional leaders.

Her entrepreneurial roots date back to when she was in preschool, helping her grandparents stock shelves at their grocery store, Driscoll’s Market, in exchange for penny candy. (Even then, Shawn knew that it takes work to get what you want!)

While in college, Shawn was a go-getter and was named a “Top 25” student for leadership, community contributions and academic achievement. She went on to graduate school at Michigan State University, where she earned a master’s degree in Human Resources & Labor Relations. Shawn received her professional coach training from CoachU and is an International Coach Federation certified coach.

Prior to starting her own business, Shawn worked at a top consulting firm and became an in-demand organizational change consultant working with leaders in Fortune 500 companies. She quickly gained a reputation for inspiring leadership teams to break through resistance and move global projects forward with unprecedented speed.

Today, Shawn helps her clients see that they can build cutting edge businesses by tapping in to who they are and how they are inherently ‘wired.’ She has helped established and visible entrepreneurs radically redesign their businesses and offerings around a core Signature System in order to free up more time, uplevel their reputation and double their revenues. And she has helped emerging entrepreneurs clarify their core message, develop a Signature Program and explode their visibility and credibility in record time, all while staying true to who they are and what they most want.

A contributing author of 101 Ways to Improve Your Life vol.2 with success experts Jack Canfield, John Gray and Bob Proctor, Shawn has been featured in the New York Times, the New York Post and Women’s Radio. She has also been a Fitness Magazine ‘You Can Do It’ Coach and a featured expert in the book Corporate Mom Drop Outs: Women who have traded in the life sentence for a profitable lifestyle. Shawn has designed workshops, employee training and facilitated Strategic Planning sessions for corporations including GM, Ford, Consumers Energy, and Ernst Young, and served as an adjunct instructor at two colleges.

Three things you may not know about Shawn:driscoll-100_web

  •  Her early childhood dreams of becoming a doctor were dashed by her unsettling habit of fainting at the sight of needles.
  • She has a slightly unhealthy love of acronyms and alliteration.
  • Besides an active family life with her husband and two children, the other thing that fuels her is coffee.

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