10 Unexpected Benefits of a Signature Program

signature systemI’ve been helping clients create Signature Programs for more than 5 years and I’ve watched some amazing results unfold. Yes, a Signature Program can help you make more money and avoid the dollars-for-hours trap. And it can help you serve more people without having to work more hours. But there are several surprising benefits that you can get from a Signature Program that you may not have thought about.

Here are the top 10 ‘unexpected’ benefits that I consistently see from my clients:

1.  Bring all of the pieces of your work together. Your Signature Program acts as a unifying force in your business. It can help to make sense of all the various ideas, offers and expertise you bring to the table. No more feeling fragmented or pulled in so many directions

2.  Build your credibility and increase your visibility. Having a unique Signature Program will get you recognized for your mastery and message. Opportunities you never knew were possible will start rolling in the door because you have a clear, focused and confident message people want to hear and share.

As Sandy Martini shared, her Signature Program “Escalator Profits ™ has become the cornerstone of my business; I’ve been invited to speak and keynote on the topic… and it’s opened up partnership and joint venture opportunities.”

3.  Draw more high quality clients to you. With a clear process to share with leads, you draw more people to you because they want exactly what it is you offer. And because your Signature Program is designed around a specific set of your clients, you can build it to be the ‘perfect’ fit for high quality clients you want to support.

4.  Increase the results your clients get from working with you. One of the biggest fears I hear from people thinking of creating a Signature Program is that they worry their clients will not get the same benefits and results as they do currently. But my experience is that the opposite often happens. Because you solidfy and clarify your own process for getting results, and then put that into your program, clients often experience more consistent results. Private clients who also experience your Signature Program get a stronger, clearer outcome as do program clients.

“I’ve not only increased the numbers of clients I serve, but even more importantly, I feel confident knowing I’m providing them with the highest level of service possible” Mary Riposo shared after launching her Signature Program. Oftentimes it comes as a bit of a surprise that serving more people can actually improve the results they get. But when done right, a Signature Program can enhance the overall experience for your clients and increase the likelihood that they get the results they came for.

5.  Create more money in less time. When you are able to confidently serve more people and deliver high quality results, your income can build. Referrals come your way. Program clients become long term clients. Your reputation grows, allowing you to increase your rates.

Your income grows from all of these benefits working together. It’s not just about gaining “leverage” to grow your income. It’s about growing your reputation, building long term relationships, increasing your referrals, and being able to charge for the results you help people achieve.

6.  Stay relevant in your market while remaining true to who you are. There are so many ways you could invest in to grow your business and serve your market. But very few of them allow you to stay true to who you are in the process. But a Signature Program is designed to do just that—to showcase the best of YOU and help you serve and support your market.

Desiree Young shares that creating and then consistently offering her Signature Program over the last few years has “enabled me to reposition myself… I have been able to stay relevant to my market while remaining true to myself. ”

7.  Focus your efforts, tighten your message and realign your business. Going through the process of creating a Signature Program can help you get re-focused, deepen and clarify your message and put some flow into your business cycle.

This is often one of the most remarked on benefits when I work with clients to help them create a Signature Program. Deb Dawson Dunn excitedly shared that her Signature Program “is so me, delivers amazing results for the women who go through it, and makes it so much easier to talk about what I do. I now have an anchor program I can offer that serves as the cornerstone of my business cycle, something I never had before. New possibilities continue to spring forward from this one cornerstone offering.”

8.  Uplevel your own game. Creating a Signature Program can strengthen your confidence in your work and motivate you to take a bigger, bolder stand for those you serve. You’ll feel a deeper sense of your message and more confident in your offerings, which allows you to begin achieving more than you could before.

9.  Create long-term sustainability for your business. Your Signature Program serves as the platform from which you can grow and expand your business. You are not just creating a program. You are building an asset that increases in value and opens up opportunities long into the future. And there are very few things you can invest in that have this kind of long term payoff in today’s ever-changing business climate.

10.  Put the “multiplier effect” to work in your business.   When you have lots of offerings, but nothing that feels like it is the driving force in your business, you are missing the multiplier effect.  A signature program can drive your business forward and help you achieve multiple goals at once (hence the multiplier effect).  Think of it like the first domino in a series that when activated, sets in motion a chain reaction of results.

As one client put it, her Signature Program “was the engine that drove my business last year and contributed to blasting through the six figure mark with serving more people in less time…allowing me the freedom to walk away from endless hours of trying to get my business to actually WORK for me instead of the other way around.”

If now is the time for YOU to create a Signature Program that sets you up for long term sustainability, I’d love to be your guide. I’m running a Signature Program Summer Camp program starting June 17th where I’ll be partnering with you to create your Signature Program this summer. Check it out here. (www.yoursignatureprogram.com/summercamp)

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