5 Go To Questions to Guide Your Business

Tomorrow is my 49th Birthday and it’s putting me in a reflective mood.  I tend to use the month of July to set the direction and vision for the year ahead.  IT works better for me mid year than in January.  Maybe it’s because I take quite a bit of down time every summer to hang with my kids and enjoy the beautiful Michigan weather.

My business and life has shifted and changed many times over the years.  And this morning I realized that at every twist and turn, it’s really great questions that have guided me forward. So I thought I’d share the 5 most powerful questions I use to guide my business life.

  1. What is the conversation I want to be having now?

When you are a consultant, coach, trainer, speaker, professional or expert, your work is really about a conversation.  Are you having the conversations you REALLY want to be having day in and day out?  This one question has guided my business forward many times as I’ve come to new insights and a desire to be having a different conversation.

  1. Besides money, what do I want to create more of in my life?

This powerful question came via one of my mentors, Andrea J. Lee and I turn to again and again.  It’s such a clarifying question that keeps me out of the trap of chasing revenue goals that aren’t also in line with my lifestyle goals.  This summer, what I want to create is memories with my kids.  High school years are fleeting and I want to enjoy this time with them.

  1. Where do I have clarity and/or certainty right now?

I love making a list of these things when I feel like I’m not clear.  Because in making the list, I see exactly what is, in fact, clear to me in the moment.  And that usually leads me to even more clarity of direction and decisions.  Lack of clarity can be a trap and a comfort.  It’s important to have a way through it and for me, this question really helps.

  1. What are my non-negotiables?

This piggy backs off #2 and keeps me grounded in what is truly important.  Growing and running a business can become all-consuming if we aren’t careful.  Knowing where your clear boundaries are can help.  My non-negotiables have changed through the years as what I need and what my family life needs has shifted.  So it always is good to take stock of them from time to time.

  1. What do I see that other’s don’t?

This one isn’t always super easy to answer.  Mostly because we tend to undervalue what we think and know.  But taking the time to really think about your unique point of view can be so valuable.  This question typically guides where I head because it shows me where to lead next.  And it reminds me that even though there are lots of voices out there in the marketplace, mine still has value and a unique perspective to share.

I’m sure there are more questions I use regularly to shape my business and decisions.  But these 5 go-to questions are my favorites.  I hope you find them helpful too!

I’d love to hear from you:  what powerful questions do you turn to often?  Share in the comments below!


p.s.  Starting tomorrow, in honor of my 49th birthday I’m offering 49% off a few of my most popular offerings, including private Strategy Sessions and more.  The sale will last 49 hours (of course!) so stay tuned as I’ll post in the morning with all the details.


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