[3Cs] Capability: Blazing a Bigger Trail

This is the final post in a 3-part series to help you identify where you are in growing your business, and where to focus next in order to achieve your goals. The Trailblazer Triangle has helped my private clients and past Think Tank participants zero in on the exact area of focus to fuel their growth. This model reflects three unique yet common challenges most trailblazers regularly face. Get your copy of the Trailblazer Triangle model here:


When clarity and capacity are handled, next there comes a point in the evolution of every business where you’re asking, “How can I blaze a bigger trail?”

When you get to this stage, being able to make a big leap forward in your business becomes less about you doing more, and more about ensuring that your business is built for growth.  It’s about stepping up as the leader of the business and its big vision and mission. It’s a case of putting in the right strategies, systems, support, and team to carry out the plans.

In shifting from the primary ‘doer’ of the work to being the CEO and leader of the mission-driven, trailblazing organization is where the most dramatic growth can happen. When you’re about to turn this corner in your business, it’s a level of breakthrough that can feel really scary and intimidating.  It’s tempting to shrink back into something safer, and ‘more certain’.  But that rarely turns out to be the right next step.

Adding New Skills and Capabilities in the Business

My client, Kris Baird, is the perfect example of making this leap.  Her health care consulting company, The Baird Group, had a strong reputation and high level of respect across the US.  And that meant Kris was traveling … a lot; far more than she wanted to.  She faced a choice:  Stop consulting to focus more on the speaking, publishing and products so she could be home more; or bring on a highly capable team of consultants to carry out the work.

It felt like a big decision, but as we masterminded about her options, Kris came to see that growing a capable team allowed her to fulfill the mission of her company while also meeting her needs for less travel.  As she committed to adding a lead consultant to the business, she could begin to transition herself from the ‘lead consultant’ to CEO and thought leader for the Baird Group.

In less than 3 months, she found the perfect person to lead her consulting division.  Within 12 months, they were negotiating the largest consulting project to date: a multi-hospital system that would receive the transformational work The Baird Group was known for — without Kris being the only one delivering the work.

By stepping up into her role as CEO and focusing on adding the right skills and capabilities to her team, Kris was able to grow the company to new heights and open up even bigger opportunities. Best of all, she could be home with her family more than ever.

Ask and answer these three questions to reveal your capability challenge:

1) How is your trailblazing business pushing you beyond your comfort zone, and towards being the CEO and thought leader championing the vision in a bigger way?

2) Imagine you’re about to double or triple your business.  What additional skills, abilities and strengths do you need to add to the business to meet the growing need for your services?

3) What’s the next upgrade you need to make in your team, support circle,  technology, or systems in order to truly reach your next level goals and feel fully supported in the process?

Growing yourself as a leader, and building a business that’s capable of going the distance, is a big part of what it means to be a trailblazer in business.  This is a leap into a new level of leadership.

The Trailblazer Think Tank is a place where you can keep raising the bar and expanding your leadership.  It’s a place where you can get real and talk about the challenges of running and growing your business in the context of your personal priorities.  Look for more details about the Think Tank here:  https://shawndriscoll.com/trailblazerthinktank/

The Trailblazer Think Tank is a perfect place for making decisions, just like Kris did, that serve BOTH the mission of the business and the priorities of your personal life. Curious if this is the corner you are ready to turn?

I would love to support you wherever you are on the Trailblazer Triangle. If 2014 is the year for you, then give yourself the circle of support to get clear, get real, stay focused, and take the practical actions that are just right for where you are in your growing, trail-blazing business.

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