Happy New Year!

I hope that your end to 2015 was restful and joyful. I certainly enjoyed a few weeks off focusing on family, rest and celebrations. And here we are, already a week into 2016!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a little slow to regain my momentum– still drifting in the space of ideas and possibilities but not quite ready to leap into fast action. I could view that as a problem, but I don’t!

See, 2015 was a year of being focused on rebuilding (after a rough 2014) and really clarifying what I wanted. I pulled back on a lot of outward activity and creating, and really allowed myself time to heal, get centered and shift a few things that simply needed shifting. And that led to a fabulous year and great results. Sometimes ultra-simplicity is exactly what we need.

Now, as I enter 2016 I’ve noticed that the “innovator” side of me has been re-activated after being rather dormant. So I’m giving that part of me a little extra runway now, because I know that’s what it takes to create momentum. Oftentimes, I see this happen in times of stress or difficulty.  As entrepreneurs, we have to lean in to just one aspect of ourselves (in my case, I retreated into my high Intimacy way of being and working and pulled back on lots of creating or outreach) and let other parts of ourselves take a back seat while we navigate something difficult.

So if you are feeling a little ‘out of sorts’ at the start of the year, don’t panic! It’s VERY common and is to be expected. AND it can signal that new fires are being stoked and need some tending. Listen to any part of you that’s either saying “enough” (letting you know it’s time to do LESS of that) or nudging you to give it more space.  This is where the magic can happen in your business and life!

Having high expectations and ambitious goals is a great and wonderful thing. But too often, we are so quick to judge whether we’re ‘getting there’ or not. And that judgement is actually the thing that shuts us down and derails results. Earlier this week I had a few emails from clients who weren’t feeling motivated, and getting concerned that nothing was happening business wise for them. Then, as if by magic, we got on the phone to plan and they shared they’d “just” received emails and payments from clients ready to go. It happens like that! There’s a re-entry phase we have to go through to get clear, grounded and back in action. We have to listen to the parts of ourselves giving us guidance and wanting space. The calendar doesn’t dictate that for us, we do.  And when you allow that process to happen, opportunities and clients start flowing in.

So let this week be about getting that clarity and grounding you need to really have clear direction and build momentum. It’s a time of re-entry and really deciding what you want and need.  So make sure you’ve set the kind of goals that really motivate you.

I have my clients write goals in 4 key areas. I call them FIRE ™ Goals. Take a few minutes and set yours now if you haven’t already:

Matchstick on Fire

  • Freedom. What level of freedom and flexibility do you want to experience? Set a goal around this to keep you focused here.
  • Impact. What level of impact do you want to have this year? What are the key goals that will get you there?
  • Revenue. What is the income goal you want to reach? How do you want that to look or feel?
  • Ease. What would you like to experience in terms of Ease and Effectiveness this year? What systems, support or help do you need to achieve that level of ease?

Several clients have shared that they achieved nearly ALL of their FIRE Goals for 2015! This is a powerful goal setting process that works because it goes beyond the standard “income” barometers and asks you to look at a balanced set of goals that start with Freedom & Impact.

I’d be happy to help you plan out your strategy to achieve your FIRE Goals this year if you’d like some help. Apply here. I have 4 openings coming up early next week to do that with you.

Wishing you a fabulous, fun and prosperous 2016!

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