2015 Kickstart


2015 KickStart

George Kao shareda radical new idea in the 2015 Kickstart giveaway event.

George shared that ‘old’ model of internet marketing doesn’t work for him anymore. Not that it’s wrong, he just doesn’t feel authentic or creative doing it any more.  (Ever had thoughts like that?!)

So he started a kind of radical experiment.

For most of the year, George just gives his work away.

He doesn’t think about the reward, or the commercial objective.

And twice a year, he does an enrollment campaign for his 1-1 coaching programs.

When he’s giving, he’s giving.

When he’s selling, he’s selling.

I love this kind of trailblazing experimentation and testing, of course.

And that’s why I wanted to share this event with you.  Because it’s full of insightful, fresh ideas to help kickstart your business this year.   And my hope is that it gets you thinking—and acting—in fresh new ways.

Get access to these free strategies here:  http://2015kickstart.com/shawnref.

Then pick at least two or three strategies or ideas to really think about and put into action in 2015.

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