15 minutes to a Better Business Plan

Are you looking ahead and making your plans for 2018 yet?

I know it’s that time of year.  And if you are working on your planning, or soon will be, I want you to start with how your plan makes you feel.

Does it excite you?  Are you feeling supercharged and ready to get going on it?

If this is what you’re committing yourself to over the next 90 days, 6 months, or year….you want to have a plan that leaves you feeling clear, confident, and downright inpatient to get going!  Right?!

So as you put pen to paper planning out your 2018 business plans, I want you to start with this:

  • Get quiet and relaxed.  Then, I want you to fast forward 6 months from now. Picture what would be happening in your business to get you to say “I am so THRILLED and EXCITED about what’s happening in my business and life! I can hardly believe it!
  • Then write down exactly what you see. What would make your business truly exciting for you.  (Think beyond money.  Really feel into what gets you excited and motivated.)

THIS is the starting point of your plan.  Use it to set your direction and decide your priorities.  Run all new ideas against this test…does it fulfill this vision of success for you?

It may seem simple, and it is.  But it’s also super powerful.  Because all too often, I see business owners working on plans that they think will get them the revenue results they want, but that don’t excite them, don’t motivate them, and are just too overwhelming.  And when your plan lacks that essential piece–your inner fire– it’s almost impossible to achieve it.

So take 15 minutes today and imagine what would have to happen for you to be truly THRILLED with your business.  And then, commit to pursuing that goal.

I’d love to hear what you see for yourself in 2018!  Be sure to share in the comments below.

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