11 High Growth Job Functions in 2008

ExecuNet recently identified the 11 High Growth Job functions for 2008:

Executive Job Functions That Corporate Employers
Expect Will Create The Most Growth In 2008 Executive Hiring
Business Development 14.8%
Sales 12.9%
Operations Management (including Quality,
Supply Chain and Logistics)
General Management 10.3%
Finance 9.1%
Engineering 9.1%
Marketing 8.7%
MIS / Information Technology 6.2%
Consulting 6.1%
Research and Development 5.7%
Human Resources 3.5%

It is important to note that the top jobs are in areas responsible for generating more business (business development & sales)—a sign of increased hope for the economy. But even more important is a resurgence in jobs typically considered ‘overhead’—like Management, IT, and Human Resources. Could the days of cost cutting be on their way out?!

NOW is the time to get your job search strategy together, buff up your resume and interviewing skills, and get yourself out in the job market. There are great jobs to be had, and a surge in employment is imminent. My projection is that the third and fourth quarters will be great ones for those actively in the job market and with a solid job search strategy.

Source: ExecuNet 2008

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