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As a Trailblazer, you see things that others don’t. And that’s why cookie cutter solutions don’t really work for you. Your career or business has to fit your talents, ambitions and your life. But it’s not always easy to make the impact you know is possible. It takes a unique approach to leading change. And so if you’re not yet in a place where everything in your work is having the impact and influence you want, I’d like to personally work with you to make a leap in your leadership.

I work with just a few really serious executives and entrepreneurs who are ready to step up their level of influence and impact. The kind of visionary leaders who are READY to make real changes with the support of an experienced coach uniquely suited to supporting their creative, visionary ideas. And who understand that there are no quick fixes or silver bullets, and are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Is that you?

If yes, then let’s talk!

Love-Based Business Models

This book is the culmination of a body of work I’ve spent years developing, tweaking and perfecting.  It’s for any small business owner who wants to build a business that is fulfilling, fits who they are, and makes a difference.

Discover your TQ Assessment

This Assessment, Videos PLUS Action Guide will help you quickly cut through the confusion about your business direction and model, giving you a clear path forward.

Strategy Session

You’re ready for some real momentum. You know it’s time to break through the creative logjam keeping you stuck and stifling your flow. You’re not content to sit idly by, pondering the possibilities or spinning your wheels.

This woman ELECTRIFIES me...

…with her ability to see into the solutions that are right there but I can’t see.

Shawn doesn’t do anything from rote. She has this X-RAY VISION that sees solutions the rest of us can’t see. She sees you, your situation, your business and the cogs in her amazing brain go to work and start connecting dots that I had no idea existed. But the cool part is, when she reflects the solution back to you, it makes perfect sense. PERFECT SENSE!

I love this woman… she knows how to handle big thinkers and visionaries better than anyone I’ve ever met. She helped me understand my level of thought leadership in a whole new way…

–Nancy Marmalejo

Ideas are prolific...

And you can’t throw a stick without hitting a consultant or a coach who has an answer and four shiny squirrels for you to chase.  CLARITY is where it’s at.  So I pretty much only pay attention to the folks that bring my idea-indulgent brain into focus.  Shawn Driscoll is in that small, carefully curated handful of people who always point me towards clarity.

-Jodi Hume

Shawn’s given me direction, clarity and support...

…as I’ve grown my business from $300,000 per year to over $2 million.  I’d recommend Shawn to anyone who really wants to take a bigger leap in business.

Kristin Baird
The Baird Group

The results I get with Shawn are transformative.

She asks the right questions at the right time and is able to characterize situations in a way that allows you to see them differently. If you’re ready (and that can be a big “if” at different times in your life) her input will get you clear and focused so you can get out of your own way.

~Amanda Mitchell
Our Corporate Life

I’ve had many coaches over the years...

…but never someone at this level of both, strategic AND tactical thinking. Shawn is a rare diamond among coaches. 

–Milana Leshinsky

The TQ is one of the few tools...

…I refer clients to over and over, it’s simply that powerful and impactful.

~Alicia Forest

Shawn DriscollMeet Shawn

As a champion for pioneers, mavericks, change makers, and rule breakers Shawn doesn’t take a cookie-cutter approach to leadership and business success. She knows that status quo solutions won’t allow them to meet the changing and complex challenges of today’s businesses. Instead she partners with her clients to develop their thought leadership, differentiate themselves and influence change.

After working as a corporate consultant and change agent, Shawn founded Succeed Coaching and Development, LLC to help trailblazing executives and entrepreneurs drive change as influential leaders and achieve greater results for their companies, clients and communities. She has more than 20 years’ experience with successfully coaching and consulting with corporate and entrepreneurial change agents on what it takes to lead high impact lives and careers.

She is the creator of the Trailblazer Quotient ™ (TQ) assessment and author of Love Based Business Models, both of which guide small business owners to turn their strengths into unique business strategy.

Clients seek out Shawn when they are ready to achieve something bigger than themselves and know they must blaze their own trail to get there. They stay for the cutting edge yet practical strategies that help them grow their influence and income without sacrificing who they are or what they value most.

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