Ready to Deepen Your Impact & Client Results?

Offer your clients a customized business building roadmap for transformational results.

The TQ Assessment & business building approach helps entrepreneurs discover their unique business type and align their business strategy around their genius for transformational results. Now you can learn this powerful, cutting edge approach to increase your impact, client results and sales. Spaces are limited.

Virtual Training & Mentoring

This 6 week virtual training provides an in-depth understanding of the TQ system. You’ll understand the psychology, profit path and patterns of each Trailblazer type plus ways to serve & coach for transformational results. You’ll learns specific ways to add services & income streams based on the TQ. Starts in June 2016

Client Case Study Session with Shawn

I want you to rock your client results, so I’ll personally mentor you on one client. You choose a client case study to get custom coaching and insights from me so you maximize their results.

License to Use the TQ Assessment & Materials

Upon completion of training and your case study, you’ll receive a 12 month license to use the TQ Assessment, logo & materials with your clients (up to 100).

TQ Assessment & System

You’ll receive a co-branded TQ Assessment to use with your clients along with client materials and a system to help your clients apply their Trailblazer Quotient to get transformational and customized results. 

12 Month Membership in TQ Licensee Lab

Receive ongoing support and mentoring with a complimentary 12 month membership in the Licensee Lab. We’ll meet monthly for questions, review case studies and go deeper into strategies for applying the TQ System in your work with clients.

5x Your ROI- Private Strategy Session 

I’m 100% committed to you getting amazing results in YOUR business as well as for your clients. So we’ll meet for a private 75 minute strategy session to map out your plan to integrate the TQ Assessment & system into your business for maximum ROI. 

“The TQ is one of the few tools I refer clients to over and over, it’s simply that powerful and impactful.” 

Alicia Forest,

“The TQ is one of the few tools I refer clients to over and over, it’s simply that powerful and impactful.” 

Alicia Forest,

Everything You Need to Accelerate Client Results, Deepen Your Impact and Boost Your Bottom Line

Adding the Trailblazer Quotient system to your business helps you quickly and accurately get to the heart of who your client is and what they need. You massively shorten the ‘learning curve’ and quickly get about the business of transforming their business. So much more than an assessment, you are getting an entire strategy and system to serve your clients and take them to new levels of success.



When you (and they) know your client’s unique “TQ” from the start, you have deep insights into how they are wired and what business strategies and approaches will fit. You can tailor your approach to quickly and accurately align to their unique genius for better results.

The Trailblazer Quotient can be the missing piece when it comes to understanding where and why some clients get stuck, and how to help them overcome their natural resistance patterns. You’ll know the hidden tricks and strategies to help them through the challenges they face in achieving their big results.



When you use the Trailblazer Quotient in your enrollment process, you are able to pinpoint the exact clients who will be a great fit for you. AND they feel that you are the ONE for them because you ‘get them’ in a way that most other service providers don’t. This gives you an edge in the sales process.

You’re probably already getting great results and have lots of referrals & renewals. Adding the TQ to your approach will boost those results because of the level of impact and results clients experience. (People constantly refer their friends, clients and colleagues to the TQ because of it’s deep impact.)



Let’s not forget you and your business. You’ve probably already been impacted by discovering your own Trailblazer Quotient. Now it’s time to take it to a whole new level and make sure you’re loving what you’re doing at every level!

We’ll take your TQ even deeper into the DNA of your business to make sure you’re working with awesome clients and building your brand and reputation solidly around your unique genius.


Is the Licensing the Trailblazer Quotient Right for You?

Not just for business coaches, it’s a perfect fit for ‘non-coaches’ who would like to add instant value to client relationships and bring a coaching approach to navigating client questions around strategy, services, messaging, branding, copy, business model and more.

You must be an established business with a current client community and be committed to helping your clients find their own unique path.

Whether you’re looking to provide additional services, deepen client results, or add income streams to your business, the Trailblazer Quotient can be a part of your growth strategy.

Integrating the Trailblazer Quotient approach with your clients can help you accelerate and align client results in any of the following areas:

  Business Strategy & Planning
  Messaging & Positioning
  Marketing & Branding
  Offer Design & Packaging Services
  Business Model Development
  Aligning Systems, Teams and Processes
  & more….

Interested? Let’s Talk!

I would absolutely love to speak with you if you’re interested in using the Trailblazer Quotient in your own business to increase your impact, results and income. I’m currently opening the training, mentoring & licensing to no more than 15 entrepreneurs. If you’re interested in being one of them, we should talk!

Click the box below to book a time…you’ll be taken to a short application, and after completion will be able to schedule a no-obligation conversation. I can’t wait to connect! 

Shawn Driscoll