It’s time to clear out the cobwebs and creative confusion
and shift into clear, confident, inspired action!

Bring me your ideas, confusion and stuck spots and I’ll help you sort it into a clear, organized and customized plan of action that unleashes your brilliance and opens the flow of creativity, contribution and confidence again.


Dear Visionary Entrepreneur,

You’ve spent a long time and invested a lot of energy and money mastering your craft and getting your business to where it is today. You know your God-given talents and skills have been gifted to you for a reason…and you’re eager to live up to the amazing potential you and your business possess.

You’re more than ready to get going. In fact, you’re downright impatient.

You’re ready for some real momentum. You know it’s time to break through the creative logjam keeping you stuck and stifling your flow. You’re not content to sit idly by, pondering the possibilities, when others are out there serving your ideal clients (and you’re leaving money on the table).

But you’ve got a few questions.

Perhaps you want to reach a wider audience, but you’re not sure quite how to start. Maybe you know your business model isn’t working for you anymore, but you’re not sure what to shift or change to fix it.  Or, maybe you’ve got so many ideas you don’t know how to choose between them all. (And following your creative inspirations has, at times, led to confusion and chaos rather than income and impact.)

Whatever is keeping you stuck and questioning your next move…you know it’s costing you.

Your hesitation and uncertainty are costing you time and money.

Your wheel spinning and second guessing is draining your energy.

Your overthinking means you’re missing out on opportunities.

You could use the support of an objective outsider to help you brainstorm, identify which ideas are ‘drains’ vs the true opportunities to pursue.  And you’re ready to decide on a clear direction and get into action quickly.

A Signature Strategy Session may be just the breakthrough you need to increase your momentum, impact and results.

This 75 minute, highly focused, fast-action coaching and consulting session will help you cut through the confusion and creative clutter and come out with a clear focus and practical, detailed steps to get you going—in the next 90 days or less.

Here’s a sampling of what we could accomplish in a Signature Strategy Session  (though your session will be tailored to YOUR needs and business goals):

  • Identify your ‘secret sauce’—the unique ingredient that make you great at what you do and that can be the basis for your “signature” programs and solutions
  • Reach a new level of clarity on the audience you’re here to serve, and map out your specific marketing messages to attract more ideal clients to your work
  • Outline a Signature offering that is authentic, unique and just what your clients and prospects need from you, right now
  • Complete a detailed review of an existing program or idea that is currently under-performing, and crafting a strategy to get it back on track
  • Position you to be the premier business in your field, so that you become the standard of excellence others seek to follow
  • Update your business model to fully capture your unique brilliance and make the income and impact you desire
  • Develop a step-by-step plan to move you into a newer market with a message and offer that is uniquely your own

carol hess“The Signature Strategy Session I had with you has been so incredibly helpful and has more than paid for itself already.”
“You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve pulled the mind map out that you did. I should just laminate it and stick it to my bulletin board permanently!”

—Carol Hess


Here’s the deal. You can continue to spin in creative confusion, hoping for that magical EUREKA moment where everything is suddenly clear, or you can reach out and get help from someone who really knows how to capitalize on and focus creative genius and innovative ideas.

Schedule a 75 minute Signature Strategy Session and together we’ll map out a customized Signature strategy that’s just right for you…right now–so you can maximize your opportunities, results and impact.  In your session we will:

  • Clarify your most important priorities and goals
  • Assess the opportunities in front of you to broaden your reach, impact and income
  • Apply a unique focusing technique to help you choose the best ideas and weed out the ones that are destined to struggle or pull you off track
  • Develop a model, map or flow for your business to drive results over the long term
  • Create a step by step action plan you can implement right away
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A Signature Strategy Session is right for you if:

  • You’re done buying into the one-size-fits all blueprints, formulas and business models and are ready to create a CUSTOMIZED solution that’s right for you
  • You’re tired of being told what to do (create a product, create a program, offer group coaching) without being told how to do it (or even being sure it’s right for you, your business and your clients)
  • You know that with just a little collaboration, validation and guidance you would be able to LEAP forward in your business, reach more people and achieve your goals
  • You’re ready, willing and able to get into action in the next 90 days—you just need a clear plan

I’ve cleared time on my calendar so I can provide you customized, on-the-spot coaching and consulting to help get you clear, focused and on your way in under an hour. I’m known for being able to cut to the quick and nail an issue –fast!

I have a gift for being able to take a bunch of seemingly unrelated ideas and pull the pieces together into a clear and focused picture. I can help you chunk down your ‘big idea’ into practical, concrete manageable steps so you can get into action. And, I am a grounding “voice of reason” who will ensure that your ideas are sellable, focused and able to achieve what they are meant to achieve.

“I am soooo grateful for your wise feedback.”

“I have tears in my eyes from gratitude knowing that I went out on a limb investing time with you and hoping that I would get strategic in depth feedback.

I got that and even more than I expected.

I so appreciate your thoughtfulness, your amazing notes after the session, your savvy questions and helping me to tie the body of my work together in a way that is much more potent than before we spoke.

This is the first time for many many years that I have invested my time and ideas with someone (a coach) and received tremendous value in return. Perhaps it is a combination of me trusting my intuition by signing up for a strategy session with you. Perhaps I am more aligned with my path so you were able to bring your expertise to give me such excellent feedback. Whatever the case – your clarity of thought and questions, and ability to synthesize are awesome!

Thank you mostly for the gift reminding me to return to my core message – and helping me define it. I know it was right in front of me – and I was not quite seeing it.

It is so refreshing to invest in a fellow coach who takes the time to ensure I got value and what I needed. I will be forever grateful….. I want to go out and tell anybody I come across who could benefit from your guidance to go and schedule a session with Shawn.”

—Alyse Parise


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sarah newton“One call with Shawn and an issue I had been struggling with for months was completely resolved.”
“Shawn is one of the only coaches I have ever worked with who can make sense of my rambling. With accuracy and brevity, she is easily able to cut through all the abstract thought and work out a very clear and practical plan to take you forward. Shawn never allows you to hide behind false limitations or to minimize your own power. She always encourages you to think bigger. I had been struggling with my brand for months and one call with Shawn made my confusion fall away. Before working with Shawn, I would have been happy to have a plan for a £50,000 business. Now I KNOW I am on my way to creating a million dollar business. Shawn is one of mine and my businesses most valuable assets.”

—Sarah Newton,


“Our session with you was amazing!”

“Thank you so much for the time and energy that you spent with MaryAnn and I yesterday. Our session with you was amazing and really helped us sort some things out and feel like we have a real handle on how to get started. You were right when you said that we would accomplish quite a bit in a short period of time. We actually accomplished more than the two of us ever imagined. ”

—Karen Pattock & MaryAnn Rivers,


Here’s how our session will work:

Before your session you will receive a brief and focused Questionnaire to complete that will help us both prepare to make the most of our time together (I’ll be thinking about and preparing for your session long before we get on the phone)

You’ll get scheduled into my calendar ASAP so we can spend our 75 minutes together assessing, clarifying, deciding and mapping out your Signature strategy

After the session, I’ll send you an audio recording of your session along with my detailed notes and a Visual Map or Plan  that I custom create for you to anchor your clarity and next steps

So what’s the investment?

The investment for your Signature Strategy Plan is $497.

If you are experiencing the high cost of confusion and lack of clarity, you’ll know this investment will more than pay for itself  once you have a clear plan to monetize and build momentum around what makes you unique.

book session

Sometimes all we need is a little laser focused help. I look forward to putting our heads together and helping you breakthrough what’s holding you back and create a bigger, better and more impactful strategy to do your unique work.

If you have any questions please call my office at 877 321 8390 or email us at We’re here to help.

Lead a Life of Difference,


P.S. You’ve got a gift that changes people’s lives. Don’t let confusion and lack of clarity stop you from making the impact and income you know you’re capable of.  Now is the time to get absolutely clear on how you can reach as many people as possible, while still letting your brilliance shine.

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